SDC National Conference to hold elections and restructure Syria’s Autonomous Administration

(North Press) – The National Conference for People of Jazira and Euphrates approved on Wednesday, holding of elections in north and east Syria’s regions in less than a year, and the restructuring the administrative system to reduce bureaucracy.

This came in the closing statement of the conference that was held today in the city of Hasakah, with the attendance of about 250 representatives of all communities of the regions of north and east Syria, and with an online participation of opponents and members of the Moscow and Riyadh platforms.

The package of decisions that came out of the conference included 17 decisions that covered administrative, political, economic, social, educational, military and security aspects.

Among the decisions regarding the administrative aspect, was the re-evaluation of the work and performance of the employees and training them, the work to develop, empower and expand the administration and provide it with technocrats.

The conference affirmed the unity of the Syrian territories, respect for its sovereignty, and the constitutional recognition of the rights of all national, religious and social communities.

The conference adopted the solution to the Syrian crisis in accordance with the Geneva Declaration, UN Security Council Resolution 2254, and the inclusion of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) within the political process and the achievement of the goals of the Syrian people in a decentralized, pluralistic, and democratic state.

The decisions affirmed the support of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in their war against terrorism and extremism, with the support of the US-led Global Coalition, in a way that preserves security and stability.

In September, the SDC held a series of seminars in various regions of northeastern Syria, in the presence of representatives of political forces and parties, independent figures, sheikhs and tribal notables.

As for the judicial and security aspects, the conference approved the reform of the judiciary to ensure its independence and integrity, while obliging the security services to the law and the judicial order, and to develop their work and performance in line with human rights principles.

The decisions also included developing strategic plans to support the economy, empower the agricultural sector, support farmers, provide agricultural equipment, with the Autonomous Administration to secure commodities and raw materials, and prevent monopoly.

On the educational aspect, the conference approved the development, improvement and standardization of the educational system, and the provision of scientific curricula, the upgrading and qualification of educational staff, and the creation of a mechanism for the recognition of the educational process.

The closing statement affirmed that the conference was held with the aim of ensuring equal citizenship and the rights of all communities in a unified Syria, enhancing participation in the institutions of the Autonomous Administration, and developing and empowering the autonomous and civil administrations.

Reporting by Imad Aslan