Interior figures, abroad opposition personalities participate SDC conference in Syria’s Hasakah

HASAKAH, Syria (North Press) – Syrian Democratic Council held on Wednesday the “National Conference for People of Jazira and Euphrates” in the city of Hasakah, north East Syria, with the attendance of figures and representatives from inside and outside the regions of northeastern Syria in addition to figures from outside Syria.

The conference aimed to moderate and strengthen both the Autonomous and Civil Administrations north east Syria, Amina Omar, Co-chair of SDC, said in the opening speech. 

As Omar expressed her solidarity with all women, who were exposed to oppression and persecution all over the world, on the day for the Elimination of Violence against Women that coincided with the conference on November 25th.

Opposed figures of different Syrian opposition platforms and independent opposed personalities took part in the conference.

The conference presented a video footage, reviewing the activities of SDC and its symposiums that were held with personalities and tribes in the region during the last period.

About 250 tribal and civil figures in addition to technocrats’ figures and political forces attended the conference, Hikmat Habib, Vice President of SDC Executive Board, said.

The conference will focus on issues of guaranteeing free citizenship, granting equal rights for all communities, developing Autonomous Administration and increasing participatory in it, according to Habib.

He added that political opposed figures from abroad participated in the conference including Jamal Suleiman from Cairo Syrian opposition Platform, Qadri Jamil from Moscow platform, and more than ten opposed personalities.

Habib indicated that the conference’s agendas would be a working sheet for discussion releasing results and decisions at the end of the conference.

Reporting by Dilsoz Youssef/ Jindar Abdulqadir