Turkish drone attack claims life of SDF fighter in Syria’s Kobani

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – A fighter of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) lost his life on Sunday after being targeted by a Turkish drone, in the western countryside of Kobani, northern Syria.

The SDF Media Center said in a statement that the victim was killed as he was in his car, visiting a relative in the countryside of Kobani.

This comes a week after devastating earthquakes that hit southern Turkey and northwest Syria, leading to large-scale destruction and tens of thousands of deaths and even more injuries.

A local source told North Press that the Turkish drone targeted the car as it was between the villages of Minaz and Sheikh Afdal, west of Kobani.

The co-chair of the Executive Council in Euphrates Region, Muhammad Shahin, said, “While the world is preoccupied healing pains of the humanitarian catastrophe [the earthquake] …, Turkey continues to practice its terrorist policy against the people of the region.”

On Feb. 10, UN Human Rights Chief, Volker turk, called for implementing immediate ceasefire in Syria “and full respect of #humanrights & humanitarian law obligations so help can reach everyone.”

Reporting by Qais al-Abdullah