Turkish attack kills 2 fighters, 1 civilian in Syria’s Qamishli – SDF

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – In a statement published on Wednesday, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said that two of their fighters and one civilian lost their lives in a Turkish drone attack on a car near a village in southwest of Qamishli city, northeastern Syria.

The strike killed SDF fighters Dijwar Kobani and Chiya Qamishlo, in addition to the civilian Adib Youssef in the village of Malla Sibat, southwest of Qamishli, the statement said.

Both fighters were killed while heading to their military posts after finishing their furlough, the statement added.

The SDF concluded that they would respond and avenge the death of their fighters within the framework of the right of self-defense.

On Tuesday, four members of the Self-Defense Forces (compulsory recruitment), affiliated with the SDF, lost their lives and three others were wounded in a Turkish drone assault, while five others, including two children, were killed in a similar attack on Saturday.

Reporting by Adnan Hamo