Thousands in Syria’s Qamishli hold funeral for 2 children killed in Turkish strike

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – On Monday, thousands of residents of Qamishli city, northeastern Syria, participated in the funeral of two children who were killed in a Turkish drone strike in the city two days ago.

On August 6, a Turkish drone bombed a car in the al-Sinaa neighborhood in Qamishli, resulting in the death of four people, including the two children Ahmad Sibi, 14, and Aheng Shibi, 16.

“What is their fault to be brutally targeted like this?” said Adnan Shibi, uncle of the two children.

The uncle recounts the details of the bombing, saying: “Aheng and Ahmad were working with Ahmad’s father in his store for repairing electrical generators in al-Sinaa. During their work, a drone targeted one of the cars parked near their store.”

As a result, Ahmad and Aheng lost their lives, and Ahmad’s father, Ali Shibi, was seriously injured and taken to a hospital.

“This is not the first time Turkey has targeted children; it happened before and will happen in the future as long as the international community turns a blind eye to these attacks,” the uncle added. 

The uncle called on the international community, European countries, and human rights and humanitarian organizations to look at what he described as “brutal” attacks against civilians in the region.

Ahmad’s brother, Masoud Shibi, describes the moments when he arrived at the bombing scene, saying: “When I got there, no one told me anything. I asked them about the fate of my brother, father and cousin, but everyone refused to answer my question.”

“That is when I realized that they had been martyred,” he added.

After he knew the hospital they were taken to, Masoud left the site and immediately headed there.  

When I got there, “I saw my father and was reassured about him, but he told me that Ahmad had been martyred and asked me to go see him.”

For the last three weeks, Turkey has escalated its ground and air attacks along the border in northern Syria.

Reporting by Muhammad al-Omari/Nalin Ali