Syria’s Kobani administration holds Global Coalition, Russia responsible for Turkish attacks

KOBANI, Syria (North Press) – On Thursday, the Executive Council of the Euphrates region of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) held the Global Coalition and Russia responsible for the Turkish attacks on Kobani region, in northern Syria.

On October 20, a Turkish drone attacked a car in Kobani city, northern Syria, killing two civilians and wounding four others.

On October 23, another Turkish drone targeted a car in the same city, killing three SDF fighters who were heading to Kobani for treatment. 

On October 24, the SDF announced, three of their fighters, who were heading to Kobani for treatment, lost lives in Turkish drone attack.

“These violations and attacks aim to hit stability and security in the areas of the Autonomous Administration, and create a kind of chaos,” Muhammad Shahin, the co-chair of the Executive Council in the Euphrates region, said last week.

The Executive Council of the Euphrates region held a press conference, in the presence of the co-presidency of Kobani and Tel Abyad, on the Turkish recent attacks on Kobani.

“Under the Russian-Turkish ceasefire agreement in the region, following Turkey’s control of Tel Abyad and Sere Kaniye (Ras al-Ain), the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) agreed to withdraw 30 km away from the Turkish border so that Turkey was not given the pretext about the threats to its national security,” Shahin added.

“The agreement entrusted the Russian forces present along the Syrian-Turkish border with the task of maintaining security and stability in the region.”

He considered the attacks as continuous threats and attempts to implement a large-scale military campaign in this region, through Turkish diplomatic and political moves.

Shahin appealed to the US-led Global Coalition and held it responsible for these attacks, as the AANES, the peoples of the region and the SDF were partners with the Coalition in defeating ISIS, “but we see that three men of those who fought ISIS and eliminated international terrorism were wounded in this war, they were targeted by Turkey during the last attack and were martyred.”

He pointed out that the Russian government is also responsible for these attacks, as protecting the area and maintaining its security and stability are among its responsibilities in accordance with the agreements signed between the SDF and Russia.

Hazza’ Muhammad, the deputy co-presidency of the Tel Abyad region, said Turkey continues attacking the areas of Tel Abyad, especially the town of Ain Issa and the line adjacent to the M4 Highwayy.

Muhammad added, the popular protests denounced the Russian silence regarding these violations, as it is the guarantor of the ceasefire in the region.

Reporting by Fattah Issa