Global Coalition required stopping Turkish attacks on the region: AANES officials

KOBANI, Syria (North Press) – On Saturday, officials in the Autonomous Administration institutions in Kobani, north Syria, held the US-led Global Coalition responsible for maintaining the stability of the region, in light of Russia’s inaction in protecting the region from frequent Turkish attacks against the population.

“Under the Russian-Turkish ceasefire agreement in the region, following Turkey’s control of Tel Abyad and Sere Kaniye (Ras al-Ain), the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) agreed to withdraw 30 km away from the Turkish border so that Turkey was not given the pretext about the threats to its national security,” Muhammad Shahin, the co-chair of the Executive Council in the Euphrates region, said.

The agreement entrusted the Russian forces present along the Syrian-Turkish border with the task of maintaining security and stability in the region.

A few days ago, a Turkish drone targeted a civilian car in Kobani, killing two civilians working as drivers for the Executive Council in the Euphrates region, and wounding four others.  

Frequent violations

“This is not the first time that Turkey targets the region. These violations have continued, from air and on the ground, since the occupation of Tel Abyad and Sere Kaniye,” Shahin said.

“These violations and attacks aim to hit stability and security in the areas of the Autonomous Administration, and create a kind of chaos,” he added.

The Autonomous Administration has received many promises from the Russians that these attacks “will not be repeated,” but Russia failed keeping its promises, as the violations frequently took place.

Shahin pointed out that they always demand the Global Coalition, the international community, the relevant organizations and Russia “to carry out their duties to implement the agreements concluded between the two parties, and to assume their moral, political and legal responsibilities towards the people of northeast Syria, and to prevent targeting civilians in the region.”

Assuming responsibilities

“Turkey’s use of drones to attack Kobani is far from human and international norms and morals,” Khalil Abdo, a representative of the Euphrates region and a member of relations office of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), said. 

Abdo called on the United Nations, international organizations and the relevant forces to curb the Turkish state, which is “fighting the region in all forms, by cutting off water, besieging it, displacing civilians and killing them with drones.”

Abdo also called on Russia, which is the guarantor between the Autonomous Administration and Turkey, to prevent these attacks on the region.

He held the Global Coalition responsible for not intervening and preventing the Turkish attacks on Kobani and northeast Syria, “because it fought terrorism on the behalf the whole world, as ISIS is a threat to the whole world, and threatens the world peace.”

Turkey must be held accountable

“Turkey must be held accountable for its violations of the recent understandings, moral values, international norms and covenants,” Nasra Khalil, the co-chair of the Justice Council in the Euphrates region said.

She added that the Russian guarantor should prevent Turkey from committing these violations and attacks against defenseless civilians.

She called on the Global Coalition to intervene to stop Turkey’s aggression against the region, which is in a state of stability. 

“The international community and the United Nations and its institutions should do what is necessary to stop the assault and destruction practiced by Turkey against Syria in general, and northeast Syria in particular.”

Reporting by Fattah Issa