Israeli coordinates with Russia over airstrike on Syria’s Latakia

RAMALLAH, Palestine (North Press) – On Wednesday, a knowledgeable source residing in Israel said that Israel has agreed with both Russia and America regarding areas it targets in Syria, pointing out that Latakia “is a sensitive area, as a result of the intense Russian presence there.”

On Wednesday at dawn, airstrikes attributed to Israel targeted posts in in the town of Haffeh in Latakia province and Masyaf, west Hama province.

 The attack left a civilian casualty and six wounded, including a child and his mother.

The source believes that Israel, which targeted posts of Iranian-backed armed groups in Latakia, has coordinated with Russia regarding the airstrikes, though he did not rule out that Russians are those who conducted the attack.

The administration of US President Joe Biden is making efforts to return to the international nuclear agreement, but the source wonders, “What is the exact period of time that Washington gives to Israel to address the Iranian danger in Syria and the region?”

“In other words, when will Washington take the helm from Israel and attack against Iranian posts in Syria and other countries?” he added.

So far Iran has not set any conditions to halt Israeli attacks in its negotiations with the US administration, and it may propose it in advanced stages, according to the source.

Israel believes that it is still free to conduct an attack on the agreed upon areas with Russia and America, the source stated.

Reporting by Ahmed Ismail  

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