Turkey continues Turkification policy in its held areas in Syria

JARABULUS, Syria (North Press) – On Tuesday, Turkish officials opened a cultural center in the city of Jarablus, in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, in light of the continuous Turkification policy followed by Turkey in its Syrian areas of control.

Turkey is seeking to impose a culture that helps it to strengthen its foothold in Syria, and thus impose a fait accompli policy on the areas it runs in northwest of Syria, in cooperation with Turkish-backed armed opposition groups.

Turkish official raised the Turkish flag over a center during an opening ceremony that was attended by members of the local council of Turkey and a number of city officials, an exclusive source of North Press said on Wednesday.

The source pointed out that Turkey opened several cultural centers and other services in the cities of Azaz, al-Bab and Afrin, north and east Aleppo.

Meanwhile, it started several Turkish language learning courses under the name of TOMER that has stood for Turkish and Foreign Language Training and Research Center, according to the source.  

“Turkey has previously opened several major investment projects in both north and east Aleppo countryside,” the source added.

On February 6, Turkish president issued a decree to open a medical faculty and a health institute in al-Ra’i town, in Aleppo northern countryside.

“Such step is considered a flagrant violation of international law and the United Nations Charter,” the Advisor of the Syrian National Reconciliation, Salim al-Kharrat previously said.

In 2016, Turkish forces and Turkish-backed armed opposition groups took control over the city of Jarablus.

Reporting by Farouq Hamo