Turkish college, health institute in northern Syria dirty initiative; Syrian National Reconciliation

DAMASCUS, Syria (North Press) – The Advisor of the Syrian National Reconciliation, Salim al-Kharrat said, Turkey’s initiative to open a college and health institute in northern Syria is a “dirty initiative,” describing the step as a confirmation of the occupation of Syrian territories.   

This Turkish step took place as a consecration of the demographic change policy, which the Turkish regime has been following in its held-areas in Syria. 

Al-Kharrat’s words came in an exclusive statement to North Press, commenting on the Turkish president’s decree to open a medical faculty and a health institute in al-Ra’i town, Aleppo northern countryside.

“It is clear and obvious that Syria rejects any initiative by Turkey because it presents the dirty intentions against Syria,” al-Kharrat added.

“The aggressor and the occupied Turkey confirms its occupation and tries to beautify that through false fake projects that have been already rejected,” he stated.

“Such step is considered a flagrant violation of international law and the United Nations Charter,” al-Kharrat noted.

This event represents the continuation of the Turkish regime’s obstinacy to flare up and prolong the crisis in Syria through supporting all mercenary forces such as the Muslim Brotherhood and their groups, ISIS, al-Nusra and Turkistan, according to al-Kharrat. 

“This is a sample of a new occupation and settlement represented in the Turkish occupier in a time when all conferences and meetings, especially those have been held in Astana and Sochi, stressed the respect of the Syrian state, land and people, in addition to recognizing its sovereignty,” he concluded. 

On February 7, the pro-Syrian government news agency SANA quoted the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates that the Turkish decision to open a college and institute in a town north Aleppo, is “a flagrant violation” of the international law.

“Syria rejects the Turkish regime’s decision to open a college and institute in a town north Aleppo altogether,” an official source from the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said.   

Reporting by Sardar Hadid