Syria’s Hasakah on high alert amid ISIS prison uprising

HASAKAH, Syria (North Press) – On Tuesday night, detainees belonging to the Islamic State staged an uprising in Sinaa prison in Hasakah’s Ghweiran neighborhood, marking the third such uprising this year. The Rapid Intervention Forces team under the command of the Syrian Democratic Forces quickly formed a security cordon around the perimeter of the prison.

The uprising is still underway at the time of this report, after some of the detainees attempted to escape the prison.

A member of the Rapid Intervention Forces outside the prison told North Press that the uprising began at midnight on Tuesday, adding that the escape attempts were unsuccessful and that their forces are currently trying to contain the revolt.

The vicinity around the prison is subject to intense deployment of security forces in anticipation of any developments inside the prison walls.

On June 29, the same prison witnessed a similar uprising, in addition to other rebellions by the ISIS detainees in March and May.

The Syrian Democratic Forces are calling for the establishment of prisons that allow for better protection from the hundreds of ISIS detainees.

The Global Coalition has provided support, both in terms of equipment and training, to the Syrian Democratic Forces in order to quell unrest and uprisings among ISIS prisoners.

Reporting by Jindar Abdulqader