Medical staff condemns Turkish bombing of Tel Rifaat Hospital

ALEPPO, Syria (North Press) – On Saturday, the medical staff of Avrin Hospital, in the town of Fafeen, northern Aleppo, condemned the Turkish shelling of Tel Rifaat Hospital a day earlier, which lead to casualties and material losses.

The staff’s statement condemned Turkey’s targeting of Tel Rifaat Hospital, which provides health services to displaced people from Afrin. The statement considered Turkey’s repeated attacks and shelling as an attempt to “intimidate the population and empty the area.”

The statement also criticized the silence of Russia’s forces in the area, which has been the guarantor of a ceasefire agreement between Turkey and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) since 2019.

Like Fafeen, Tel Rifaat is organized under the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES). It houses IDPs from Afrin, which has been under the control of Turkey and its allied Syrian National Army (SNA) since 2018, following a military operation dubbed ‘Olive Branch’.

The town of Tel Rifaat, 35 km north of Aleppo city, has been a shelter for Afrin IDPs since 2018 following the Turkish invasion of Afrin region, which resulted in the displacement of about 300,000 of the original inhabitants.

Since last Monday, many areas in northern Syria have been attacked by Turkish drone strikes and shelling. The attacks also hit a Russian vehicle, which killed a Russian soldier and injured three others.

Reporting by Ahmad Othman