Government siege on north Aleppo causes shortages in baby formula

ALEPPO, Syria (North Press) – The siege imposed by Syrian government against areas in Aleppo northern countryside has caused shortages in some food products, most notably baby formula.

Co-chair of the Social Affairs Office in Aleppo northern countryside, Muhammad Hassan, told North Press, “The blockade imposed on the region by the government’s Fourth Armored Division has been constituting a threat on babies, as it caused a shortage in baby formula.”

“We were daily distributing six boxes of milk for the first category, from one day to six months old, and seven boxes for the second category, from six months to one year old. However, the allocated quantities have not been distributed due to the siege,” he said.

He added, “We now distribute four boxes of milk for each category which do not suffice, forcing residents to buy it from the souk at double prices.”

Hamid Muhammad, 28, a father of an infant, told North Press, “I have been looking for milk for my infant child for more than 10 days, because the distributed amount is not enough for more than 20 days.”

The areas in Aleppo northern countryside have been subjected to a government siege for nearly three months, which has reflected negatively on the residents livelihood amid an economic crisis and collapse of the Syrian pound against foreign currencies.

Reporting by Jamil Jaafar