Asayish reveal toll of Humanity and Security in Syria’s Hawl

HASAKAH, Syria (North Press ) – Internal Security Forces of North and East Syria (Asayish) revealed on Saturday the toll of detainees and weapons found during Operation of Humanity and Security in Hawl Camp, east of Hasakah governorate, northeast Syria.

The Asayish, in a final statement, revealed after 24 days of imitating the camping, they arrested 226 individuals, including 36 “radical” women, suspected of belonging to the Islamic State Organization (ISIS) sleeper cells.

The statement added the Asayish found 25 trenches, three AK-47 weapons, an RPG with its loading, two pistols, 25 grenades, 25 kg of explosive materials, 11 silencers, 388 bullets, 10 weapon magazines and  nine military sleeves.

“We found a Turkish army military clothing and several communications devices during the campaign,” the statement read.

On August 25, Asayish announced launching the second phase of Operation “Humanity and Security” in Hawl Camp to pursue the sleeper cells of Islamic State Organization (ISIS).

The first phase was launched in 2021 in response to calls of community and tribal leaders in Hawl countryside to reduce crimes at the camp.

In coordination with the Asayish, the Women’s Protection Unites (YPJ) found two Yezidi women from Iraq, with marks of injuries similar to those caused by sharp blades.

The SDF Media Center published a video, in which three women were showed in a tent, where ISIS women had put their legs in chains. Their bodies showed marks of torture.  

During investigations, three sources for weapons’ access to the camp were identified, and the involvement of some employees of organizations, especially the Bahar Organization, was revealed, they helped bring in weapons and money and smuggled women and ISIS militants, according to the Asayish statement.

 Asayish called for the International Community to work to reduce the threat posed by ISIS and to cooperate in the Hawl Camp issue.

Additionally, they demanded that foreign countries repatriate their nationals to their original countries. 

Hawl Camp, 45 km east of the city of Hasakah, is a house for 55.829 individuals, including 28.725 Iraqis, 18.850 Syrians and 8.254 of foreign nationalities, according to the latest statistics obtained by North Press.

The camp witnesses murders with different methods, most notably firearms. The management of the camp fears that the latest Turkish threats of invading areas in northern Syria would pave the way for ISIS to reorganize its ranks; North Press cited a statement by the management as saying.

Reporting by Jindar Abduqader