Government forces bring in reinforcements to Syria’s Aleppo

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – On Wednesday, new military reinforcements of Syrian government forces arrived at Menagh Air Base, 6 km south of Azaz, in the northern countryside of Aleppo, in northern Syria, after the General Command of the Syrian army announced its readiness to respond to any Turkish army attack on the area.

“The reinforcements include three soldiers’ carriers, about 40 personnel and two armored vehicles,” a military source, preferred not to be named for security reasons, told North Press.

Today the General Command of the Syrian army announced that they are fully prepared to confront any possible aggression by the “Turkish regime” on Syrian territory.

Another batch of reinforcements is likely to arrive at the airport in the evening hours of the day, according to a military source affiliated with the Syrian government forces.

Late in May, the government forces sent military reinforcements, under the protection of Russian aircraft, to the Menagh military Air Base, including tanks, armored vehicles, rocket launchers, ammunition, and soldiers.

The recent reinforcements came in tandem with a severe Turkish shelling on the northern countryside of Aleppo in recent days, especially after targeting Tel Rifaat and villages in the countryside of Aleppo with 95 shells, according to what North Press followed.

Reporting by Jamil Jaafar/Faya Milad