Turkish Border Guards torture man to death in Syria’s Idlib

IDLIB, Syria (North Press) – An IDP lost his life yesterday under torture by Turkish border guards (gendarmerie) after illegally trying to cross the border to Turkey from bordering villages in northwest of Idlib, northwest Syria.   

The 42-year-old Hussam Muhammad al-Khedr, from Hama, central Syria, lost his life after he was beaten and tortured by the Turkish border guards, who handed him over to the bordering Bab al-Hawa crossing, local sources told North Press. 

Since the start of the Syrian crisis until February 21, 2022, more than 525 Syrians were killed, including 101 minors and 67 women, and the injury of further 1,337 persons by the Turkish gendarmerie, according to a report by Violation Documentation Center in Northern Syria (VDC-NSY).  

The sources pointed out that the victim’s parents asked the Turkish authorities to open an investigation and hold the perpetrators accountable.   

Having no other options, most of those trying to enter the Turkish territory resort to dangerous smuggling routes, aiming to reunite with their families there or secure a job opportunity that meets their needs.

Reporting by Sa’eed Zayno