Turkish authorities forcibly deport Syrian refugees to Syria’s Idlib

IDLIB, Syria (North Press) Ra’oof Zeer, a 38-year-old resident of Idlib northern countryside, is attempting to cross to Turkey once again after he was forcibly deported to Idlib in late March.  

Around four million Syrian refugees reside in Turkey, according to statements by Turkish officials in Ankara, Turkey’s capital.  

On March 30, the Department of Migration in Ankara informed thousands of Syrians who carry the Temporary Protection Card (Kimlik) that their registration had been fully stopped and their Kimlik had been deactivated.   

The Kimlik is granted by the Turkish Directorate General of Immigration Management for Syrian refugees and entitles them to move freely within Turkish territory and receive all Turkish government services. 

The Syrian refugees deported to Idlib suffered material losses as they were compelled to leave behind their business, enterprise and families. 

The Turkish authority deports every Syrian who does not hold the Kimlik or who has have it renewed.  

In March, more than 100 Syrians were deported to Syria’s Aleppo region. 

Huge losses

Zeer said he endured great losses after deportation. He owned a sewing workshop he had opened as soon as he went to Turkey five years ago.

Another Syrian refugee identified as Rami al-Munawar, 28, said he was deported forcibly to Idlib, adding he lost 12,000 Turkish pounds (approximately 3 million SYP) due to his deportation.

“The Syrians are left without dignity or rights,” al-Munawar said.

1,321 Syrian refugees were deported by the Turkish authorities during March, according to the statistic of Bab al-Hawa border crossing point. 

The 45-year-old human right activist Muhammed Aslan said practices of the Turkish police against the Syrians are illegal and contradicts rules of the protection of refugees.

Syrian refugees in Turkey are exposed to racism and persecution since they have got no rules to protect them, Aslan said. 

Aslan asserted a Syrian human rights committee should be established to prevent violations committed against the Syrians and stop their forcible deportation.   

Reporting by Sa’id Zeino