The US to list Turkish-backed factions as terrorists, military Syrian leader

RAQQA, Syria (North Press) – There is a serious efforts by the US to list some Turkish-backed factions as terrorists, Absi Taha, known as Abu Omar al-Idlibi, the leader of the Northern Democratic Brigade said on Wednesday.

Few days ago, Abu Omar al-Idlibi met the US Deputy Special Envoy for Syria Matthew Pearl and the US group that follows the Syrian issue, where they discussed several cases about the Syrian issue and combating “terrorism”.

The Northern Democratic Brigade was founded in 2014 and joined the Syrian Democratic Forces in 2015.

Al-Idlibi told North Press that “the continuation of Turkish support to the factions that committed war crimes, started embracing the US, and it will work to restrict this and list them as terrorists”. 

The meeting with the US focused on the necessity of fighting terrorism more effectively, especially in Idlib as it turned into incubator for the extremist organizations such as ISIS and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS-formerly al-Nusra Front), according to al-Idlibi.

“I told the US envoy that the elimination of terrorism will not be completed unless the US-led Global Coalition takes a role in northwest Syria as it does in northeast.” 

Al-Idlibi considered the Turkish shelling which targeted the infrastructure and the civilians in northeast Syria after announcing the re-control over Guweiran prison is to take revenge upon the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) following ISIS defeat. 

In July, 2021 the US Department of the Treasury announced a new package of sanctions that targeted Ahmad Ihsan Fayyad al-Hayes, known as Abu Hatem Shaqra, and Raed Jassim al-Hayes, who are leaders of the Turkish-backed Ahrar al-Sharqiya faction. 

Reporting by Ammar Abdullatif