IED leaves casualty, wounded among Turkish-backed militants in Syria’s north of Aleppo

ALEPPO NORTHERN COUNTRYSIDE, Syria (North Press) – A militant of the Turkish-backed Military Police lost his life and two others were wounded, on Thursday, in an IED explosion in Azaz city, north of Aleppo.

Official of the Discipline Section of the Military Police faction was killed and two others were wounded as a result of an IED explosion that was placed in the official’s car, an exclusive source told North Press.

The explosion occurred near the transportation building in the central neighborhood in Azaz leaving material losses in the site, according to the source.

In late December 2021, a militant of a faction affiliated with the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA) was wounded in an IED explosion that was placed in his military vehicle  in the city of Azaz.

Since July 2012, Azaz and the surrounding villages have been run by the Turkish-backed armed factions, and they include security services such as the Military Police, the Civil Police, the State Security and Drug Control, some of which belong to the factions and others to the Turkish forces.

The city, that is home for about 250,000 people, includes about six military headquarters belonging to the Northern Storm Brigade faction and the Military and Civil Police.

The city witnesses security chaos in light of the increasing kidnappings and successive explosion amid the factions’ disability to settle security there.

Reporting by Farouq Hamo