German court jails man for crime committed in Syria’s Manbij

QAMISHSLI, Syria (North Press) – The Düsseldorf court, a tribunal to do with the Islamic State organization (ISIS) activities sent a German man to prison for ten years, according to DW website.

The German national identified as Nils D. was a guard of a prison run by ISIS in Manbij city, north Syria in 2014. He tortured a man to death.

Previously, Nils D. was sentenced to four and a half years behind bars for joining ISIS in March 2016.

Nils D. was charged earlier with torture and murder crimes of three prisoners, but was found non-guilty on two cases of them.

Nils D. is now 31, he was a member of the ‘Lohberg Brigade’, affiliated with ISIS. All members of this group were German and had travelled to Syria in order to join the ISIS.

Prosecutors tried to pass a life sentence for murder, war crimes and joining a terrorist group but the court took into account the defendant’s participation to solve terror-related crimes, according to DW.

Last month, a court in Munich city sentenced a German woman to 10 years of prison as she watched her husband leaving a 5-year-old Yezidi slave girl to die of thirst and hunger in the sun.