27 refugees drown between France, Britain

ERBIL, KRG, Iraq (North Press) – 27 refugees at least drowned yesterday, in the English Channel after their boat sank near Calais, while they were trying to pass towards UK shores.

This incident that French Prime Minister Jean Castex called the a “tragedy” is the highest death toll since the number of crossings across the Channel in 2018 has risen.

The French president Emmanuel Macron requested, last night, “an emergency meeting of EU ministers concerned by the migratory challenge” and called for “immediate reinforcement” from EU border agency Frontex in the region.  

“Everything will be put in place to find and convict those responsible,” the French president said.

“France will not let the Channel become a graveyard,” Macron said.

While UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, called for a meeting over the issue of the English Channel issue.  

He was quick to blame human trafficking gangs, saying the deaths were a disaster and these human trafficking gangs were getting away with murder.

“I was shocked, appalled and deeply saddened by the disaster,” Boris Johnson said and called on France to do more to deter people from attempting the crossing.

Earlier in 2021, three refugees lost their lives and contact has been lost with four others while crossing the sea.

Among the dead are a girl child and five women including a pregnant, according to the French authorities.  

The French MP for Calais said the English Channel is on the brink of becoming an “open sky graveyard” unless the UK and France are able to work together and come to a solution.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex is scheduled to chair a meeting on Thursday to discuss this issue, according to his office.

Reporting by Hozan Zubeir