Syria’s northwest witness record price hike of oil products

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – Watad Petroleum, a petrol company run by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS, formerly al-Nusra Front) in northwest Syria, raised, yesterday, prices of fuel products in its areas of control to the highest rate since dealing with Turkish lira was imposed in the region.

Watad Petroleum, which is formed by the Salvation Government, HTS civil wing, is the only company that imports fuels to Idlib, thus authorizing it to monopoly the fuels.

Each liter of imported gasoline reached 8,29 Turkish lira ($0.85), each liter of imported super diesel reached 7,95 Turkish lira (about $0.82), and each liter of imported good diesel 6,06 lira (about $0.62).

Meanwhile, the price of each household gas cylinder has come up to 119,5 Turkish lira (about $12.31).

Since trading in Turkish currency was imposed, about a year and a half ago, these are the highest recorded price hikes in the region.

However, the company attributed the hikes to the global increasing prices of oil products.    

Meanwhile, the main reason after this is the decline in the value of the Turkish currency against the US dollar.

Lira Today website posted that one USD dollar equals approximately 9,70 Turkish liras. While one Turkish lira equals 364 SYP.

Watad company always attributes the reason of price hike to the fluctuations in the exchange rate of the Turkish lira.

Over the past two months, the price of oil products have increased by about 30% in areas of northwest Syria, according to reports.

On October 15, dozens of people took to the streets in a demonstration condemning the unprecedented price hike of fuel and food products there.    

The protesters raised slogans demanding the Salvation Government “to abstain from the policy of authoritarianism and sharing residents their livelihood,” the sources added.  

Reporting by Mousa Haydar