Turkish-backed factions in Syria’s Afrin prevent people from picking their olive crops

ALEPPO NORTHERN COUNTRYSIDE, Syria (North Press) – Yesterday on Sunday, the Turkish-backed Sultan Suleiman Shah faction prevented residents of the Sheikh Hadid district, in Afrin countryside, northwest Syria, from picking the olive crop under the pretext of the outbreak of coronavirus.

Members of the Sultan Suleiman Shah faction prevented the people of Arandeh village, the Sheikh Hadid district, from picking olive under the pretext of the outbreak of coronavirus, a local source told North Press.

The source added that the members prevented the residents from going to their lands and ordered them to return to their homes until further notice on the pretext of imposing a curfew due to coronavirus. 

Muhammad al-Jassem, known as Abu Amsha, the leader of the faction had entrusted the mayors of the villages in the district to collect a royalty from the residents of the area at a rate of 25% of the production of their olive crops during this year.

The city of Afrin and its villages, north of Aleppo, have been controlled by Turkish forces and the affiliated factions since March 2018.

The Afrin region has been witnessing cases of killing, kidnapping and arrest, in addition to frequent bombings, amid the inability of the factions controlling it to settle the security in the region.

Reporting by Farouq Hamo