Turkey’s actions undermine campaign to defeat ISIS: Biden

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – The US President Joe Biden extended sanctions against Turkey for another year, the White House said yesterday on Thursday. 

“The actions of the Turkish government, represented in the military offensive in northeastern Syria, undermine the campaign to defeat ISIS,” Biden said in a statement published by the White House on its official website.

The US has imposed sanctions on Turkey since 2019 due to the military operation it launched against the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

On October 14, 2019, the former US President Donald Trump issued an executive order imposing sanctions on Turkey for its military operation in Syria.

The sanctions included a number of senior Turkish officials, including both the Ministers of Defense and Energy.  

“That operation endangers civilians, threatens peace, security, and stability in the region, and poses an exceptional risk to the national security and foreign policies of the US,” the White House statement added.

“The state of emergency declared on October 14, 2019 will remain in effect beyond October 14, 2021. Thus, the national state of emergency declared pursuant to the Executive Order will be extended.”

Yesterday on Thursday, the US State Department spokesperson told North Press that President Biden has expressed support for maintaining the US forces in northeast Syria to support local partners and prevent an ISIS resurgence.

He added that ISIS and its affiliates continue to present a threat to our collective security.

Since October 2019, the Turkish forces and the Turkish-backed armed opposition factions have occupied the areas of the east of the Euphrates extending from the city of Sere Kaniye (Ras al-Ain), north of Hasakah, to the city of Tel Abyad, north of Raqqa.