Barham Salih accuses Turkey of committing environmental crimes against Iraq

ERBIL, Iraq ( North Press) – On Thursday, the President of the Republic of Iraq, Barham Salih, said, “cutting down forest trees is an environmental crime,” referring to Turkey’s cutting down of trees within the borders of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

This came days after forests in the north of Duhok governorate were exposed to, what activists and environmental organizations described as, genocide by Turkey.

“Encroachment upon State sovereignty, violence, and the displacement of civilians from their homes in Harur, Bativa and other border areas in Kurdistan Region, are inhumane practices that should not be ignored,” Salih tweeted.

He attached his tweet with a picture of logged trees, which social media users said, were cut off by the Turkish forces.

“Practical coordination between the authorities of the federal government and Kurdistan Region is our duty in order to stop abuses and hold the guilty accountable,” the Iraqi president added.

On June 1, a group of activists and civil society organizations held a press conference in Erbil, in which they called on the leadership of Kurdistan Region and Iraqi Governments to move to stop Turkish attacks on Kurdistan Region.

“The environment of Kurdistan Region is being destroyed, because of the bombing and logging by Turkey,” Bahra Muhammad Amin, a civil activist, told North Press.

Reporting by Hassan Haji