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Asayish forces advance, confiscate weapons and ammunition in Syria’s Qamishli

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – On Thursday, the Internal Security Forces (Asayish) found a quantity of weapons and ammunition in Lilo Detachment in al-Tai neighborhood, south of Qamishli, northeast Syria, amid continuing clashes with a pro-Syrian government group known as National Defense Forces (NDF).

The circle of clashes between Asayish and the NDF expanded to include Hilko neighborhood as well, after it was confined to al-Tai neighborhood.

A military source from the Asayish said that their forces advanced about 300 meters during today’s clashes, and they are now so close to al-Tai Roundabout.

The source added that Asayish found a large amount of weapons and ammunition in Lilo Detachment, where the Asayish took control of late on Wednesday night.

This comes after the NDF violated the ceasefire truce reached by representatives of Asayish and the Syrian government, under the auspices of the Russian forces working in the region.

Earlier today, clashes between the Internal Security Forces (Asayish) and the pro-Syrian government National Defense Forces (NDF) resumed hours after the ceasefire truce under Russian auspices was violated.

For two consecutive days, the city of Qamishli has been witnessing clashes between Asayish and militants of the pro-Syrian government NDF.

On April 20, the Asayish said in a statement that a member of the National Defense fired at a checkpoint of their forces at al-Wahda Roundabout in Qamishli, which resulted in the death of one of their members.

Reporting by Hosheng Hassan

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