Turkification process continues in Syria’s north

AZAZ, Syria (north Press) – On Sunday, Turkey announced that the Faculty of Medicine and the Public Health Institute in the town of al-Ra’i, in Aleppo northern countryside, will open its doors to students on March 16.

The announcement was made by the President of the University of Health Sciences in Istanbul, Cevdet Erdöl, in light of Turkey’s continued policy of Turkification of the areas under its control in northwest Syria.

“Equipping the Faculty of Medicine and the Public Health Institute of the Turkish University of Health Sciences took 40 days, since the date of making the decision,” a local source told North Press.

“The faculty is ready to receive students, starting from Tuesday, March 16, as about 800 students have been accepted to join from the countryside of Aleppo and Idlib,” the source added.

The source pointed out that seats were reserved after the students’ rating and evaluations on March 12, which authorized them to enter the faculty and the institute.

“Today, the students admitted to the faculty underwent a practical and theoretical exam to determine the level of the Turkish language for them,” the source noted.  

On February 6, Turkish president issued a decree to open a medical faculty and a health institute in al-Ra’i town, in Aleppo northern countryside.

Reporting by: Farouq Hamo