Shelling by opposition groups on Syria’s north of Manbij, casualties reported

MANBIJ, Syria (North Press) – Two civilians were injured and a house was burned in the village of Aoun al-Dadat, north of the city of Manbij, northern Syria, as a result of being shelled by the Turkish-backed armed opposition groups on Sunday.

The bombing was carried out by heavy and medium weapons which led to the injury of two civilians, one of them is a woman, our correspondent stated. 

He added that the injured were taken to Manbij hospitals to receive treatment, while the bombing led to a complete burning of a house in the village.

The correspondent pointed out that the bombing carried out a day after the village crossing was reopened.  

There is a crossing in the village of Aoun al-Dadat that links with the Euphrates Shield-held areas.   

The countryside of Manbij is witnessing repeated bombardments by the Turkish armed opposition groups which often lead to civilian casualties and damage to their property. 

Reporting by Saddam al-Hassan