Russian Foreign Minister pledges to solve northeast Syria’s water crisis urgently

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – The Syrian Democratic Council (SDC, the legislative body of the Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria), said that the Russian Foreign Ministry promised an urgent and direct intervention to solve the Turkish cutoff of water to Alouk station in northern Syria’s Hasakah.

An SDC delegation met with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow after signing a memorandum of understanding with People’s Will Party regarding the political road map to solve the Syrian crisis.

In a special statement to North Press, Hikmat Habib, Vice President of the Executive Board of the SDC, said that Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov promised to intervene directly and quickly to solve the water crisis.

Habib added that they discussed the events at Alouk station, which provides water for over one million people in Jazira, at length. However, the Russians “believed that the station was not operating due to a normal malfunction.”

He pointed out that Russia may be relying on what Turkish forces said about the station, while the delegation made it clear that the Autonomous Administration provided the station with power, and Turkey intended to cut off the water flow.

Habib believes that the station issue has become Russia’s responsibility. Moreover, they hope that Russia addresses all of the issues discussed during the meeting, including Alouk station.

An American Foreign Ministry delegation met with a delegation of representatives of the Autonomous Administration in Hasakah city on August 23 in order to discuss the water crisis in the city.  

The American group promised to pressure Turkey to solve the crisis, according to a special source from North Press who attended the meeting. 

(Reporting by Abdulhalim Suleiman)