Turkey continues sending reinforcements to northwest Syria’s Idlib

ISTANBUL, Turkey (North Press) – A Russian political analyst said on Sunday that the main reason Turkey continues to send more military reinforcements to the de-escalation zone in Idlib, northwestern Syria, is to pressure Damascus and Moscow in a response to their recent military escalation in the region.

Turkey sent seven military convoys all at once, on August 19, to Idlib, according to field sources who indicated that some of these convoys headed to Taftanaz Military Airport and others went to the Jisr Shughour area.

These reinforcements coincide with rumors of an imminent military operation by Syrian government forces in south Idlib, with the approval of Russia, which worries Turkey, according to observers.

Russian politicsl analyst Denis Korkodinov told North Press, “Syrian military operations have greatly worsened relations between Ankara, Moscow, Washington, and Damascus, and created the preconditions for a direct conflict between Turkey and Syria.”

“The government forces’ attack, which resulted in missile attacks on several points in Zawiya Mountain in the southern countryside of Idlib, was Turkey’s opportunity to launch a new military operation in Syria,” he added.

“The recent Turkish military reinforcement through Kafir Losin border crossing to  north Idlib will be used later as a starting point for the Turkish military operation against government forces,”  Korkodinov said.

Meanwhile, Russia denies all Turkish concerns regarding Idlib, indicating that Russian forces will target all terrorists who pose a threat to northwestern Syria, he added.

Field sources stated that the information received from Syrian government-controlled areas says that the latter has been working for weeks to bring in military reinforcements to enable them to launch a military operation at any time on Idlib Governorate.

Observers of the military development in Idlib believe that despite the recent Russian –Turkish agreement, which manifested in joint military patrols on the M4 Highway, both parties are racing to control areas to the south of the M4 Highway, which are considered the starting point to controlling all of Idlib in the future.

Ahmad Hasan, a political analyst, told North Press that “through these reinforcements, Turkey aims to achieve a long-lasting ceasefire in Syria during the upcoming stage. This means the utmost preparation for any for adverse possibilities as well, as the Turks consider that an increase of the military cost on the regime and its allies, which constitutes pressure in addition to the international and American pressures.”

He added that contrary to popular opinion, this does not mark support for an imminent battle in Idlib, and it may be a plan for broader understandings regarding the frontlines and Sochi agreement.