Lebanese army prevents 1,200 Syrians from crossing into Lebanon

DAMASCUS, Syria (North Press) – Lebanese Army  stated on Thursday that their forces prevented 1,200 Syrians from crossing the border into Lebanon this week.

The Lebanese army stated that their units stopped 1,200 Syrians from crossing the Syrian-Lebanese border this week as part of operations to combat human smuggling and illegal infiltration during.  

At a time when states focused on finding a solution for Syrian refugees to return to their country following Syria’s re-admittance to the Arab League, Lebanon is witnessing a new wave of displacement across the border.

Lebanese authorities tightened the restrictions on Syrian asylum-seekers, as the country is witnessing an unprecedented economic and political crisis that sparked demands for the deportation of Syrians.

Lebanon has already put in effect a plan to deport 15,000 individuals per month. Meanwhile the UN rejected this resolution considering Syria is still an unsafe state.

Lebanon is home to roughly two million Syrians who fled from the violence of Syria’s civil war. Since the beginning of April, the Lebanese Armed Forces have forcefully deported hundreds, including some of the around 800,000 Syrians that are under UNHCR protection.

Most of the migrants to Lebanon aspire to head across its coast to western countries.

Last week, the Lebanese army announced that it had thwarted the infiltration of 1,100 Syrians, as the security authorities issue weekly statements on infiltration and smuggling operations from Syria to Lebanon.

By Hozan Zubeir