AANES official discusses Syria’s challenges with EU Parliament Member

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – The representative of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) in Europe discussed on Wednesday the political challenges they are facing with a member of the European Parliament.

This was during a meeting held inside the Parliament building, where Abdulkarim Omar, the representative of the AANES in Europe, and Javier Nart, the European Parliament member, convened to discuss the matter.

Omar highlighted the urgent need to expedite efforts towards a political solution that would end the Syrian crisis and alleviate the significant humanitarian suffering endured by Syrians inside and outside the country, according to the Foreign Relations Department of the AANES.

The AANES official discussed how international interest in the Syrian crisis has diminished, along with the reduction in international financial support for Syrians, while they continue to face daily challenges and threats, particularly from the Islamic State (ISIS) threat.

The European Parliament member expressed strong support for accelerating the political process to achieve a peaceful resolution to the Syrian crisis. They emphasized the significance of engaging all relevant Syrian parties, including the AANES, in determining the course of the political solution and the future of the country.

Furthermore, they underscored the crucial role of the international community in fulfilling its responsibilities by offering various forms of support and assistance to AANES. This support is particularly important as the AANES intends to conduct fair trials for ISIS militants involved in war crimes, as outlined by the Foreign Relations Department.

By Ahmad Othman