Syria’s AANES slams guarantor states silence towards Turkish attacks

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) denounced on Sunday the silence of US-led Global Coalition to Defeat Islamic State (ISIS) and Russia, as a guarantor country, towards Turkish consistent attacks against AANES-held areas.

The AANES said, in a statement, “We entirely denounce these offences amid the silence of the Global Coalition and guarantor states of ceasefire agreement. We hold these parties accountable for the consistent Turkish attacks that are increasing day by day.”

On July 28, a Turkish drone struck a village in the countryside of Qamishli in northeast Syria, killing four Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters.

The Turkish attacks will affect the joint activities between them, the statement read.

The AANES said that the Turkish shelling is a “deep hatred that contradicts all efforts to achieve stability and defeat terrorism and ISIS in particular.”

The dangerous and systematic Turkish violations of human rights in Syria, not abiding by and implementing its extraterritorial obligations, threatening the security and stability of north Syria, carrying out deadly operations, and violating the civilians’ right to life, are all a violation of the international human rights law and international humanitarian law and must be investigated and held accountable for.

During the first half of 2023, Turkey attacked north Syria with 34 drone strikes, leaving behind 73 casualties, killing 44 individuals and injuring 29 others. The number of civilian victims constituted 27 percent of the total toll of victims.

Reporting by Robin Omar