Celebratory gunfire after Erdogan victory wounds 3 people in Afrin

AFRIN, Syria (North Press) – On Sunday, three people were injured in the city of Afrin, northwest Syria, after gunfire celebrating Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s victory in the elections.

A source told North Press correspondent, “The indiscriminate gunfire in celebration of Erdogan’s victory in the presidential elections resulted in the injury of three people from the Mahmoudiyah camp in Afrin, northern Aleppo.”

The source added that there were reports of a child being killed by the shooting. The Monitoring and Documentation Department at North Press could not confirm these claims.

The source also said the camp residents attacked vehicles of the Military Police, affiliated with the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA), in the city after their relatives were injured.

The Afrin region has been under the control of Turkish forces and SNA factions since March 2018 following a Turkish military operation dubbed ‘Olive Branch’.

Erdogan won his third term in the runoff round of the presidential elections, securing 52.4 percent of the votes, according to Turkey’s Supreme Election Council.

Reporting by Farouq Hamo