AANES expresses readiness to cooperate with Arab states on Syria

RAQQA, Syria (North Press) – On Thursday, the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) expressed its readiness to cooperate with Arab countries over a solution for the Syrian crisis based on the UN Resolution No. 2254.

The AANES, in a statement publicized on its official website, welcomed Syria’s readmission to Arab League following a decision by Arab foreign ministers on May 7.

The AANES sees Syria’s return to the Arab bloc a positive step, hoping it would open the perspectives for communication and joint work with each of the Syrian government and other Syrian parties that believe in a democratic political solution, as well as with Arab states.

The statement added that the AANES can play a key role in the political solution given the political, economic, security, and humanitarian capabilities it enjoys.

Additionally, the administration called on Arab countries to communicate with all Syrians rather than one parties to the detriment of others since the Syrian political solution requires Syrian censuses, and effective and serious steps that the AANES showed through its political initiative, the statement read.

On April 18, the AANES launched an initiative called the “Peaceful Resolution of the Syrian Crisis,” in accordance with United Nations resolutions, after the failure of all international initiatives.

The AANES’ initiative called on the United Nations and all international actors in Syria to play a positive and effective role, and to contribute to a joint solution with the Syrian government, AANES, and national democratic forces, and to reach a democratic and peaceful solution in Syria.

“Our initiative is a confirmation on the territorial integrity of Syria, the equal rights of all Syrians, establishing a de-centralized, democratic and pluralistic system where all Syrians can live in freedom, and the equitable distribution of the natural and economic resources,”  said Badran Chiya Kurd, co-chair of the Foreign Relations Department of AANES on April 21.

Additionally, it [AANES] showed readiness to coordinate with Arab countries and the UN to solve crucial issues that require joint work, including fighting terrorism and drugs and the Syrian refugees issue in the neighboring countries, according to the statement.

The AANES was first formed in 2014 in the Kurdish-majority regions of Afrin, Kobani and Jazira in northern Syria following the withdrawal of the government forces. Later, it was expanded to Manbij, Tabqa, Raqqa, Hasakah and Deir ez-Zor after the SDF defeated ISIS militarily there.

Reporting by Ahmad Othman