SDF arrests ISIS financer in Syria’s Hasakah – Coalition

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – On Thursday, the US-led Global Coalition announced the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) arrested and detained on February 17 an Islamic State (ISIS) financial operative in Hasakah, northeast Syria.

This came in a statement by the Combined Special Operations Joint Forces – Levant (SOJTF-Levant), in which it said the SDF commandos arrested and detained an ISIS financer, who was “involved in providing financial and lethal aid for ISIS operations within the middle Euphrates River Valley.”

US Air Forces Brig. Gen. Claude Tudor, SOJTF – Levant commander, stressed that this operation “demonstrates the SDF’s ability to execute unilateral, complex operations and their persistent commitment to the region in the enduring defeat of ISIS.”

Tudor added that detaining this ISIS operative contributes to disrupting ISIS ability “to further plot and carry out attacks” against the SDF and innocent civilians in the region.

He stressed the Global Coalition’s commitment to “advising, assisting, and enabling” the SDF to reach their common goal in “maintaining safety and security” of civilians of northeast Syria.

On SDF arrested on February 6 a senior leader of ISIS “Wilayah al-Sham” Khalaf Abdullah in Raqqa Governorate, northern Syria.

Reporting by Saya Muhammad