US warns nationals in Turkey of possible terrorist attacks

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – On Monday, the US cautioned its citizens in Turkey about possible terrorist attacks against churches, synagogues, and diplomatic missions in Istanbul, following Quran-burning incidents in Europe.
The US Embassy in Turkey issued an updated security alert, saying, “Possible imminent retaliatory attacks by terrorists could take place in areas frequented by Westerners.”
The alert stressed that there are ongoing investigation regarding the matter by Turkish authorities.
On Friday, the US and France cautioned their citizens in Turkey about possible retaliatory terrorist attacks against them after a Quran was publically burned in the Swedish capital Stockholm.
On January 22, protests in support of Kurds broke out in Stockholm. At a separate protest, a Danish-Swedish far right leader burned a copy of the Quran near the Turkish embassy as tensions between the two countries have risen due to Turkey’s refusal to approve Sweden’s NATO bid.