20 ISIS Attacks, Dozens of Casualties so far in 2023

RAQQA, Syria (North Press) – The Monitoring and Documentation Department of North Press has documented 20 attacks by Islamic State (ISIS) against the areas of the Autonomous administration of North and east Syria (AANES) and government-held areas since early this year.

The attacks resulted in 16 deaths and 20 injuries, according to the  Monitoring and Documentation Department.

Of these attacks, 15 were carried out in AANES-held areas and five in the government-held areas.

Amid increasing ISIS activity, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) launched security campaigns targeting ISIS sleeper cells in Raqqa, Deir ez-Zor, and Qamishli and its countryside.

The SDF has conducted 21 security campaigns, including four airdrops.

The Monitoring and Documentation Department recorded the arrest of 291 ISIS-linked individuals, who varied between ISIS leaders and suspected militants.

On December 29, 2022, the SDF launched Operation “Al-Jazeera Thunderbolt” against ISIS sleeper cells in the regions of Hasakah and Qamishli, in northeastern Syria.

In 2022, ISIS claimed responsibility for 188 attacks in AANES-held areas, most of them in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor.

Reporting by Ahmad Othman