India arrests two people over raising money for ISIS in Syria

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – On Jan.7, the Indian authorities in Howrah, Indian state west of Bengal, arrested two people on charges of raising money to finance the Islamic State Organization (ISIS) in Syria, The Indian Express reported.

Both 28-year-old Muhammad Saddam, a mechanical engineer, and 30-year-old Sayeed Ahmad raised about Rs 30.000 ($364.02) to be sent later to Syria before being arrested, a senior officer said.

The Indian Express cited officials as saying, “Saddam was first influenced by ISIS ideology through radical literature and videos, and he then radicalized Sayeed, his childhood friend.”

The Indian authorities revealed that the suspects were communicating secretly using coded language, as investigation, so far, has revealed that they were collecting money to send to Syria.

Indian officials noted that they suspect more people were involved in those activities.

The investigation is underway to find out if they have any Bangladesh links, as well as, besides the possibility of their involvement in the procurement of explosives and the recruitment of youths for radical activities.