Turkey seeks to revive ISIS, occupy more lands – Arab tribes in NE Syria

HASAKAH, Syria (North Press) Representatives of the Arab tribes in Hasakah Governorate, northeast Syria, said on Tuesday that Turkey seeks to occupy more Syrian territory and revive the Islamic State (ISIS) through  launching a military operation against northern Syria.

The tribes’ representatives delivered a statement in the city of Hasakah, condemning the Turkish attacks, and the targeting of public service institutions, adding that Turkey is indifferent to regional and international peace.

“Ankara continues threatening to launch a ground military operation to occupy more Syrian lands although areas of northeast Syria are subjected to ceasefire agreements,” the statement read.

“We, as representatives of Syrian tribes, consider Turkish attacks and threats are against all of us,” the statement noted.

The representatives stressed that Turkey does not care about international will, regional and international peace and human rights conventions.

The statement also supported the SDF’s decision to suspend its joint anti-ISIS operations with the US-led Global Coalition in order to protect the region from a possible ground attack, provided that this does not affect the security and safety of the region.

Reporting by Eva Amin