Syrians need peace, absence of need – UN official

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – The UN Emergency Relief Coordinator, Martin Griffiths, said on Tuesday that Syrians only need peace which is the task of the Security Council.

Griffiths tweeted that what Syrian people want is to see the need for aid to disappear, and to live in peace.

The coordinator added that this is “the principal task and the raison d’être of the Security Council.” 

Syrian war, that is still ravaging the country, has started about a decade ago, claiming the lives of hundreds of thousands and leaving catastrophic consequences, including millions of refugees, hundreds of thousands of IDPs, dire economic conditions, not to mentions the absence of basic needs.

According to a report published in June by the UN, more than 300,000 Syrian citizens have died in the last ten years of the war.

Reporting by Emma Jamal