Turkish attacks damage natural gas facility in NE Syria

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – Agid Abdul Majid, director of the Gas Investment Company in Hasakah Governorate fields, said on Wednesday that the Turkish shelling of the gas plant in the Suwaydiyah area led to significant damage to the facility and halted production until further notice.

Abdul Majid added, in a statement to North Press, that three shells exploded inside the gas plant, causing great damage.

A fourth shell exploded in the Suwaydiyah second field, causing significant damage to tanks and setting fire to the facility, pushing firefighters to intervene to put it out.

Since Sunday mid-night, Turkish forces have been launching fierce attacks through warplanes, drones and artillery along the northern Syrian border, targeting infrastructure and claiming many civil lives.

The director said that, for now, the station would be out of service, until they evaluate damage and do proper repair work, hinting that gas production would stop which would affect generating electricity.

On Wednesday, Turkish attacks concentrated on oil fields and gas plants in the countryside of Qamishli.

A Turkish drone targeted with three strikes the outskirts of a station near the village of al-Awda, the Tel Khatoun station near the town of Terbe Spi (al-Qahtaniyeh), and the Dijle oil field, south of al-Jawadiyah.

Earlier, a Turkish drone hit an oil station near the village of Mashouk and an oil tank in the Gel Hesnak in the same area.

Reporting by Adnan Hamo