Turkish shelling of Syria’s Qamishli countryside leaves casualties

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – On Wednesday, successive Turkish airstrikes and artillery attacks targeted villages and fields of oil and gas east of the city of Qamishli, northeast Syria, recording casualties.

A Turkish drone targeted the village of Chel Agha (Al-Jawadiyah) in the countryside of the town of Terbe Spi with four successive attacks.

An exclusive source told North Press a number of casualties were recorded in the targeted site without giving more details.

Turkish forces targeted the vicinity of Jerkin prison west of Qamishli where dozens of Islamic State Organization (ISIS) militants are held.

Additionally, Turkish warplanes struck the village of Tel Fares south of Himo west of the city, while lands and the village of Tel Hamdoun in the countryside of the town of Amuda east of Qamishli witnessed targeting with mortars.

The Turkish forces also targeted the village of Tel Ziwan and Sikrka in Qamishli countryside with shells fired from a police station on the Turkish border.

After that, another Turkish drone attack hit Tel Khaton oil plant nearby Terbe Spi.

The Turkish warplanes shelled, four successive times, the village of al-Kasay of the town of Tel Kocher.

A Turkish warplane also targeted al-Masraf route that leads to the M4 Highway in Terbe Spi, wounding each of the 22-year-old Abdurrahman al-Ahmad and the 43-year-old Ibrahim al-Muhammad, an exclusive source told North Press.

Since early today, Turkey has been targeting oil and gas fields in the far northeast Syria.

Meanwhile, Turkish warplanes intensively are flying over the areas in Terbe Spi right now.

Reporting by Nalin Ali/Muhammad al-Omari