Turkish drone hits US-SDF joint base in Syria’s Hasakah

HASAKAH, Syria (North Press) – On Tuesday, a drone of the Turkish forces hit a main base of the US-led Global Coalition in Hasakah Governorate, northeast Syria, resulting in casualties.

A military source of the Coalition told North Press, “A drone targeted the headquarters of the Counter-Terrorism Units (YAT) of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).”

As a result, two fighters of the YAT lost their lives and three others were wounded, the source added.

The targeted base is more than 50 away from the Turkish border.

The source believed this is a “dangerous” escalation at a time Washington is trying to preserve stability in the region.

A source of the SDF told North Press that intensive meetings are being held between the SDF and the Coalition to discuss the incident.

Reporting by Agid Meshmesh