Turkish airstrikes on north Syria deprive 65 villages of power

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – Turkish airstrikes have caused power outage to more than 65 villages in northeastern Syria.

The airstrikes targeted a power plant in the countryside of the town of Derik (al-Malikiyah) in the far northeastern Syria.

On late Saturday and after Sunday mid-night, Turkish airstrikes hit different areas of northern and northeastern Syria including the cities of Derik (al-Malikiyah) and Kobani and the northern countryside of Aleppo, causing casualties and material damage.

The General Manager of the Directorate of Electricity in the Jazira region, Akram Suleiman told North Press that the targeted plant in the village of Daqel Baqel was completely destroyed.

The airstrikes claimed the life of one of the workers and wounded two others, he added.

The official mentioned that there were no military headquarters or posts within the plant.

The General Command of the SDF said in a statement that Turkey has been preparing for a long time to launch a large-scale attack on northeastern Syria, especially after fabricating Istanbul blast plot to use it as a pretext.

Reporting by Muhammad al-Omari