Two wounded in Turkish shelling in northern Syria

HASAKAH, Syria (North Press) – Two individuals were wounded on Saturday in Turkish shelling of a village, north of the town of Tel Tamr, northern Syria.

Turkish forces and their affiliated armed Syrian opposition factions, also known as Syrian National Army (SNA), have been targeting villages situated on border strip for the third consecutive day despite signing ceasefire agreement under Russian and US auspice. 

Following the Turkish incursion in October 2019, Turkey signed two ceasefire agreements, one with Russia and the other with the US, stipulating ceasing all hostilities and the withdrawal of the SDF 32 km away from the Turkish border.

Lou’i Bakr, a director of a hospital in Tel Tamr, told North Press that the Turkish forces targeted with several shells the village of al-Fakah, north of Tel Tamr.

As a result, two farmers, Ziab al-Darwish and Yassin al-Darwish, were wounded while working on their land.

Bakr added that the wounded farmers were taken to Martyr Lycrin Hospital and their health condition hasn’t been detected yet.

Tel Tamr, which has a population of about 25,000 and is 30 km away from the Syrian-Turkish border, is of strategic importance as it is a junction on the M4 Highway linking the Jazira region in northeast Syria to Aleppo governorate in northwest.

Tel Tamr in north of Hasakah, northeast Syria, has been under constant attack by Turkish military and its affiliated armed Syrian opposition factions for more than two years.

Parts of the northern and western countryside of the town and the entire southern countryside are protected by the Syriac Military Council and the Assyrian Khabour Guards Forces, while the Turkish-backed armed Syrian opposition factions control the northern countryside up to the city of Sere Kaniye (Ras al-Ain) on the northern border of Syria.

Reporting by Zana al-Ali