Turkish forces resume shelling Syria’s Kobani

RAQQA, Syria (North Press) – On Sunday, Turkish forces escalated their shelling with warplanes and heavy weapons, targeting villages along the border strip in the city of Kobani, northern Syria.

A military source told North Press that the Turkish forces launched eight air raids targeted Syrian government posts, east of Kobani.  

Three Syrian government soldiers were killed by the Turkish shelling at a military post in the village of Jishan, 25 km east of Kobani, according to the source.  

A civilian was wounded due to Turkish heavy shelling of the village of Qaramogh, 20 km east of Kobani.

A military source said that the Turkish forces targeted the villages of Kharabisan, Koran, Zormagar, and Kolteb in the eastern and western countryside of Kobani. 

In addition, four shells hit the outskirts of the city of Kobani.    

The Turkish forces also targeted the villages of al-Fatsah, al-Mushayrfa and al-Jahbal, in the eastern countryside of Ain Issa town, 50 km north of Raqqa. 

Reporting by Fattah Issa / Samer Othman / Gulistan Muhammad