Government hands over detainees’ body to family in Syria’s Daraa

DARAA Syria ( North Press) – Syrian Government forces handed over on Thursday the body of a young man, from the town of al-Sura, to his family four days after he was arrested injured east of Daraa, south Syria.

A special source told North Press that body of “Muhammad Ali al-Hariri” was handed over to his family from the Izraa National Hospital four days after he was arrested in the town of Elmah east of Daraa.

The source added government forces fired live ammunition on al-Hariri as he was working with a group of young men, collecting spares close to a military post.

Al-Hariri incurred injuries, while his fellows fled away.

He was arrested by the government forces which initially denied knowing anything about his fate when asked by his family, according to the source.

It added the family received information that al-Hariri was detained by the government forces. However, later the family was told to receive his body from the Izraa hospital.

On Wednesday, two bodies scarred by bullets were found by locals close to the town of Tel Shihab west of Daraa.

Since the government forces re-captured Daraa in 2018, the governorate has been living in a state of insecurity, with one or two daily assassinations targeting soldiers and officers of the government forces, not to mention the spread of thefts.

In 2021, Daraa Governorate went through an 80-day-seige. After that, a number of Daraa’s notables and government forces, with mediation of Russian officers, reached a ceasefire agreement on September 5, 2021, including handing over weapons and deploying governmental security posts in the towns of the

Reporting by Mo’ayed al-Ashqar