Damascus Health Directorate issues circular to curb cholera  

DAMASCUS (North Press) – On Thursday, Health Affairs Directorate in the governorate of Damascus issued a circular hereby preventing all leafy vegetables be served at restaurants, fast-food and juice shops as they facilitate the spread of cholera, the circular said.    

The circular called on workers to abide strictly to personal hygiene measures on pains of closure.   

A restaurant owner from the al-Hamra neighborhood of Damascus said, on condition of anonymity, he respects the decision passed by the governorate saying that relevant measures have come into effect at his restaurant, adding that putting the circular into application could curb the spread of cholera and preserve the societal safety.

Yesterday, Doctor of Agricultural Science Marwan Lutfi told North Press that cholera bacteria cannot penetrate into plants or leafy ones calling on people to wash fruits and leafy food well as an initial precautionary measure for safety.

On September 13, two cholera infections of two persons coming from Aleppo were recorded in Damascus. Aleppo had the highest cholera rate since it appeared in the country, according to the Health Ministry of the Syrian government. 

The ministry recorded seven deaths, four in Aleppo, two in Deir ez-Zor and one in Hasakah, in addition to 53 infections in a number of Syrian cities.

Reporting by Maram al-Muhammad