Turkish aggression on Syria not go unpunished – Syrian MP

DAMASCUS, Syria (North Press) – On Wednesday, a member of the Syrian Parliament representing Aleppo Governorate told North Press that “the continued Turkish aggression on northern Syria will not go unpunished.”

On Tuesday, Turkish forces escalated its military attacks on northern Syria claiming the lives of eight persons and the injury of ten others.  

The Syrian MP added, “The Syrian government will defend its sovereignty and the integral unity with all possible means.”  

Late on Tuesday, a Syrian military source said three soldiers “martyred” and six others were injured in aerial raids by Turkish warplanes targeting posts held by the Syrian government forces in the countryside of Aleppo, according to the state-run SANA news agency.  

“Damascus is not in a state of silence and will not be hands-folded toward any Turkish aggression on its lands and people,” the MP said.  

The military source emphasized “any attack on a military point for our armed forces, it will be met with a swift response on all fronts.”

The MP considered deployment of the government forces to the border areas and to the frontlines with the Turkish forces “come within the primary response to the Turkish threats and its hostile conduct towards northern Syria.”  

“These forces were engaged in direct clashes with the Turkish forces and shelled posts in Aleppo northern countryside.”  

The Syrian MP accused the Turkish forces of committing “horrible crimes” against civilians in different areas in north and northeast Syria under “combating terror”.   

On Tuesday, a 14-year-old child lost his life and another two-year-old was injured in the Turkish artillery shelling on the city of Kobani, northern Syria.  

“Syria we will not be disengaged from its allies in confronting Turkey militarily and politically. There will be complete coordination and unification of efforts to stand up to the Turkish aspirations,” he noted referring to Moscow. 

He emphasized that “Moscow will not allow any new Turkish incursion into Syria in spite of the negotiations held between the two parties.”   

The Syrian MP, who spoke to North Press on the condition of anonymity, indicated “Moscow well knows that any Turkish incursion will endanger its interest in the Middle East coinciding with its military operations in Ukraine,” as he put it. 

Reporting by Qays al-Abdullah